Molecule Maker

Molecule Maker is a free tool designed by and for students to make taking notes with chemical structures using a computer faster and easier. Molecule Maker uses an extremely simple user interface that is easy to learn and will allow you draw diagrams of even the most complex substances.

Molecule Maker has been tested by college students taking A-level chemistry who have found it to be an irreplaceable tool whilst Taking notes on a computer.

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Molecule Maker has most of the features and tools you need to quickly create molecular structures.

The bond types currently available are single, double, triple and Van Der Waals

There are also different line styles and shapes such as single and double headed arrows and circles for cyclic rings.

Any Characters can be entered for elements or text. There are shortcuts to place radicals and delta charges.

Once you have creates a structure you can export it as an image, copy it to the clipboard or save it for later editing.